2015 Betsoft Slot Releases - Could 3 Slots Replace Our Favorites?

If one is an avid Canadian follower of all things slots on Grizzly Gambling, it may have caught the attention, that in 2015 Betsoft slot releases have not exactly stood still. As a matter of fact they have had quite a busy summer so far, as can be demonstrated just by taking a look at some of the latest games unveiled recently.

Sure when it comes to 2015 Betsoft slot releases they will have been doing their level best to keep up with all competitors. The market is so fiercely competitive, everyone is trying to steal the attention of the gamer and in the process steal the thunder of their rivals. Do they look at it as one big game, who knows maybe they do and talking of games let's take a very quick look!

If one is looking for the Mega Glam Life, they may just have found it with this new knock-out 3 D 5 reel 20 winning payline offering. It's a progressive slots, so this one is sure to be a huge draw, get ready to step up to the big time!

If looking for a cloning reels feature, the new July 2015 Event Horizon slots appearing in consecutive order across the game, might fill the void players have been looking for. It's pretty darn cool!

Then here's the latest, the new Weekend in Vegas. Such an awesome title, far be it for us to spoil the fun, one needs to check this one out for themselves!

Making up the very latest of 2015 Betsoft slot releases to date, these new games are undoubtedly very tempting to get to grips with.

Very frequently with new games, one always picks up maybe not so much an added dimension to a new game, that perhaps is a little bit rarer, but certainly new twists and turns are developed, along with lots of little quirks along the way.

It's what makes a game different and stand out and once one gets started, it often turns out to be the reason why one can't let it go.

Maybe now Mid-Summer has already arrived it's time to take a breather from some of the favorites and focus on these great new 2015 Betsoft Slot Releases.

New months will introduce new games and it won't be long before more distractions set in with more new releases. It's almost like following the pop stars as they once used to be called and their new releases, only thing is, slot games are so much more fun, doesn't everyone here agree!